The Story

Jasmine Mosley, creator of Ida’s Angel, is a writer and content creative, aspiring to uplift the world through story telling. She is an aspiring author, business woman, philanthropist and global change maker, with a heart of service.

Ida's Angel is also a brand created to uplift and encourage people, especially women, to live life unapologetically. The Ida's Angel blog site is the beginning of a brand of content and items that support the Ida's Angel motto, "Wherever You Go. Wear Your Wings."

Through the Ida's Angel experience, supporters will be equipped with the tools they need to free themselves of the stigma of perfection.

The Name

The name Ida tribute's the life of Ida Maude Wolfe Ross, grandmother of the sites creator. The name Angel derives from the word Evangeline, the middle name of Jasmine Mosley's mother. Together, these women taught Jasmine how to navigate life with a positive outlook and a kind heart. Positivity and kindness is embedded in the threads of Ida's Angel and will continue to be the core of its continued cultivation.